to get a bite to eat = to eat 「食べる」
to get a busy signal =「通話中」
to get a discount =「割引の値段で買う」
to get a raise at work =「給料が上がる」
to get a ride = to drive one 「車に乗せてもらう」
to get straight A's =「すべて成績はAを取得する」
to get at = to try to say 「言おうとしている」
to get along with = to disagree with「意見が合わない」
to get around = to be able to solve「うまく困難に打ち勝つ」
to get away with = 「うまくやりおおせる」
to get back = to tell 「戻る」
to get cut off =「電話が切れる」
to get going = to start「始める」
to get one =「参った、頭にくる」
to get hold of = to want to speak「話したいと思う」
to get on one's nerves「人をいらいらさせる」
to get rid of = to discard「捨てる」
to get to know = to become acquainted with「知り合いになる」
to get tired of = to dislike 「いやになる」
to get together = to meet「会う」
to get used to =「慣れる」
to get a move on =「進む」
to get it out of the way = to finish「終える」
to get in one's blood = to begin to love「気に入る」
to get a lot on one's mind = to think about a lot of things
to get a lot out of it = to learn great deal「多くを学ぶ」
to get on = to ride 「のる」
to get off the phone =「受話器をおく、電話を切る」
to get one's two cents' worth in「主張する、意見を言う」
to get the hang of = to understand「理解する」
to get over with = to finish「終わる」
to get over = to recover「回復する」
to get something all over one's something
to get funding for =「資金援助をしてもうらう」
to get a reduction in rent = to get one's rent reduced
to get infected =「菌が入った」
to get nowhere = not to understand「理解できない」
to get off the ground = to start「始まる」
to get through=「電話連絡をとる」
to get what one was saying = to understand one「人を理解する」

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